The Lion King Theatre Breaks

The Lion King - Theatre Breaks

The Lion King – Theatre Breaks – 15 years in the West End

Another long-standing West End favourite today in my series about classic musicals. The Lion King theatre breaks are a popular choice with all ages. The Lion King has been running in the West End now for an amazing 15 years. The Lion King has been seen by 12 million people in London and over 65 million worldwide! It is now the highest grossing stage show ever! As I  have explained before the show is not just for children and it is a perfect choice for theatre breaks, especially for mixed age or gender groups, as it has something for everyone.  If you remember the film then you are in for a surprise when you see the stage show. It has all the music you remember but so much more, and the staging is totally spectacular.

The Lion King – the story

The Lion King follows the same basic story as the Disney film. Simba is a young lion and is the crown prince of the Serengeti lions. He is set up by his evil uncle, Scar,  who makes it look like Simba is responsible for the death of his father the King. After King Mufasa’s death Simba runs away  vowing never to return. Of course he meets a meerkat and a warthog and that’s when his adventures begin…

Two minute version? Hamlet in Africa with music and lions 😎

The Lion King – the staging

The power of this production is in the wonderfully evocative, imaginative staging. We have a sort of minimalist stage with a rising rock and a large sun backdrop. Much of the atmosphere is created by clever lighting.  The costumes are simply stunning and there are some amazing special effects. Yet everything looks as simple and direct as a children’s book.

The main actors wear vaguely African costumes with animal masks that still allow you to see their whole face. There are also huge elephants, giraffes on stilts, bicycle powered antelopes  hold long bendy poles with  birds on the end. All played by human actors. There are numerous clever effects that are simply yet effectively achieved. It all adds up to a magical experience.

By the end of the evening you will feel part of The Circle of Life and totally Hakuna Matata !

The Lion King – the music

The show has all the Elton John/Tim Rice songs you remember from the film but they are subtly altered, reinvented in a more African style. There are two big African drums positioned either side of the stage and they dominate the production.   There are also several more African flavoured numbers that including Zulu style choral singing. These have been written by South African composer, Lebo M,  who also made the African additions to the more familiar songs.

You can hear what I mean in this video of the London cast singing The Circle of Life:


The Lion King Theatre Breaks Available Now

You can book now on our Readers Offer site for a wide range of Lion King theatre breaks. One of best things about it is that you can book for as many people as you like without any fuss. So if you are a family or group or 8 or even 12 you can still easily book online without having to phone up.

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