Billy Eliot Theatre Breaks

Billy Elliot - Theatre Breaks

Billy Elliot – Theatre Breaks

Next in my series of classic shows is Billy Elliot. Theatre breaks to see this show have been in the best sellers ever since the show opened back in 2005. In fact next year will see the show’s 10th anniversary in the West End and that means they must be doing something right! Billy Elliot has won  10 Tony Awards and been seen by over 8 million people world wide! It is a great choice of show for a theatre break. The story is touching, involving and uplifting.

The story of Billy Elliot

Billy learns to dance

Billy learns to dance

We follow the story of Billy growing up in a mining community during the  1984/’85 Miners’ Strike. One day Billy stumbles out of his boxing class and into a ballet class. There he meets a teacher who helps him to discover a passion and a talent for dance. Billy has to fight for his right to dance against peer-group pressure and the fury of his father.

It is basically the same plot as the film on which it is based, just as tender, just as funny, but with the addition of music it becomes something else. Something far more powerful and engaging.

The Dancing and Music Are Sublime

Book Billy Elliot  Theatre Breaks

Book Billy Elliot Theatre Breaks

The show has superb choreography. You will see some of the finest dancing available on the West End stage. Some of the set piece ensemble dances are just amazingly acrobatic. You will be impressed! The young dancers go to ‘Billy School’ where their skills are honed until they are trained athletes.

The dance is complimented by the outstanding musical score by Elton John. The songs flow naturally through the plot and really add to the stage show.

There are quite a few videos to watch so take as long as you like and that will give you a great taste of Billy Elliot:

Billy Elliot Theatre Breaks – the details.

There are lots of choices when it comes to booking Billy Elliot theatre breaks. If you click through here to our Readers Offer site you will find theatre breaks by coach, train or drive yourself.



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