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Best Musicals in London

Les Mis, still one of the best musicals in London

Today I’m looking at Les Miserables, affectionately known as Les Mis, in my series of classic shows for theatre breaks. These shows are tried and tested. You know exactly what you are getting and that you have a guaranteed great performance to look forward to. It’s not that new shows aren’t great too but sometimes, particularly for a special occasion, you want to be absolutely sure.

Les Miserables theatre breaks are a great choice for any occasion. Lots of people have seen Les Mis more than once, as it has been on so long. A return visit will not disappoint. For this reason the show is quite a common choice for special anniversaries.

Les Miserables Theatre Breaks: the details

Les Mis – the plot

Les Miserables - Theatre Breaks

Les Miserables – Theatre Breaks

Most people already know the basics of the plot, especially after the film was such a big hit.

In very simple terms it tells the story of Jean Valjean.  After 19 years in the galleys for stealing bread,  Jean is turned out onto the streets to beg.

He is taken in by Bishop Myriel who gives him shelter and food. Valjean  steals the Bishop’s silver but is caught. The bishop treats Jean with kindness yet again and gives him  the rest of his silver as a gift, urging him to make something of himself.

Valjean becomes a successful businessman. Inevitably, despite all his efforts to do good in the world he finds himself trapped, pursued by a dogged police captain who is sure he knows Jean of old,  as the barricades go up and Paris explodes in revolution.

This brief synopsis doesn’t give the true flavour of the story as it winds through Paris, the characters, the colour, the atmosphere. The show is poignant and tender, loud and raucous, quiet and moving, filled with laughter one minute and tears the next.

By the end you are exhausted as you’ve traveled through one of the most exciting and dramatic times in history, told as a very human story.

 Les Mis – the music makes it

It is the music of course that makes the show so powerful and moving. Even if you’ve never seen the show, or the film, you will know at least one of the songs! “I dreamed a dream…” ring any bells? Of course it does and the quality of that songs is repeated throughout the show. It is full of wonderful music, solos, duets and ensemble pieces. The music needs to be heard, so don’t just read about it. Play this video of the 10th anniversary concert and enjoy!

Just remember how ever good a recording is it will always be more impressive to see the show in person.

Choices Available for Les Miserables Theatre Breaks

There are lots of travel and hotel options available for Les Miserables theatre breaks on our Readers Offers site. With car, train and coach packages available for a wide range of dates you should be able to find something just right for you. It is a good idea to plan well in advance if you want a special date though, as the show is still packing them in and it does still sell out. Click through here, have a look and see what you can find.






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