Mamma Mia Theatre Breaks

Mamma Mia! - Theatre Breaks

Mamma Mia! – Theatre Breaks

In the rush to see new shows and talk about the latest thing it is easy to forget that some of the best shows for theatre breaks have been going for ages. I’m going to do a series of posts over the next few days to just remind you of some gems that are still gracing the West End that you might overlook. Today I’m going to look at Mamma Mia theatre breaks.

Mamma Mia theatre breaks are a perfect choice for winter

The show has some great dancing!

The show has some great dancing!

Let’s face it, summer is over. The wind howls, the rain lashes. The UK looks grey. What we really need is a quick trip to a warmer, sunnier world.

A world where the music sounds like it did when you were 19. A world full of energetic young people in swimsuits, dancing and singing. A world where we can re-live our glorious, wild, bohemian 1970s past, whether we had one or not!

That’s a Mamma Mia theatre break for you!

Dancing Queens

Dancing Queens

The plot is nonsense of course but it is amiable, feel good nonsense. It works far better as a stage show than a film. For starters all the cast can sing! No offense to the film’s actors but you know who I mean 😉

The music sweeps us along and even if you aren’t an Abba fan you find yourself fighting an almost irresistible urge to join in. You’ll be amazed how many of the words you’ll know.

From Dancing Queen to The Winner Takes It All, we remember them all and the show makes them new and fresh again. I totally loved this show, can you tell? The really funny thing is that I hated Abba back in the day! So how come I know all the songs so well? Who knows! Who cares! I love the show and defy anyone to come out of it without a spring in their step and a smile on their face!

There are a wide range of Mamma Mia theatre breaks available on our Readers Offers site. (I particularly like the look of the self-drive Fabulous Friday one, with a city centre 4* hotel, very reasonable! There are coach and rail based ones too.)

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