Self Drive Theatre Breaks

Self Drive Theatre Breaks -why bother?

 Self Drive - Theatre Breaks

Self Drive – Theatre Breaks

Often when we think of theatre breaks we assume that you have to go by coach or rail. It seems odd that you can get a theatre break where you make your own travel arrangements. I mean, why would you bother with self drive theatre breaks?

Well, it turns out there are some very good reasons:

  1. The cost. Put simply the travel agencies, (like the one we work with, Omega) have such buying power that they can get a much cheaper deal on both the hotel rooms and the theatre tickets that you can on your own. Prices vary with dates but you can often get it down to as little as £99 each, sometimes less.
  2. Availability. Again, because of their size and their ability to block book the agencies have access to tickets for shows that appear to be ‘sold out’. If you want to be sure of getting Friday or Saturday night tickets for one of the ‘hot’ new shows this might be the best way.
  3. Central hotels. Often coach based theatre breaks mean you stay well outside the city centre. If you want the buzz of being right in the heart of the city then the self-drive option will usually provide that. Don’t turn your nose up at docklands hotels though. Some of them are lovely and travel into the centre of London is painless on the DLR.
  4. Freedom. Watching the clock and having to be somewhere at a specific time can really put a damper on your break. With self drive theatre breaks you can come and go as you please. Spend as much or as little time exploring the city as you like. So long as you are at your theatre 30 minutes before the show the rest of your weekend is up to you.
  5. Your Location! If you live somewhere a bit more remote that just isn’t convenient for coach or rail travel then self drive theatre breaks can be the best solution. If, like me, you live well away from the madding crowd then a theatre break might have to form part of a longer trip. If I’m going all the way to London I prefer to break my journey and fit in a night or two on route.
Tower Guoman Hotel, self drive theatre breaks

Tower Guoman Hotel, self drive theatre breaks

Top Tip

Park the car

When you arrive at your hotel, park the car in the hotel parking and leave it there. Some hotels do charge as much as £20 a day for this but it is worth it. No, really. There is no joy or pleasure to be had driving in  central London on a Friday or a Saturday. Use the tube or walk to your theatre.

Have a look at what’s available on our Readers Offer site where you will find fabulous Friday and Saturday  self drive theatre breaks.


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