Miss Saigon Theatre Breaks

Miss Saigon theatre breaks are already on sale! Check our Reader’s Offer site for dates.

The show is one of the most successful musicals ever seen on the London stage and it is on its way back. Cameron Macintosh is bringing the musical back to the West End in a new production and into the gorgeous Prince Edward Theatre next spring. Tickets are already on sale and we are already seeing people book May theatre breaks for the show. I don’t blame them. I think it is going to be glorious. There’s not much information on the production as yet just this video teaser:

Miss Saigon – the plot

Miss Saigon Theatre Breaks

Miss Saigon Theatre Breaks

I was talking to a friend in Portsmouth who saw the show last time it was here and she has already booked her break. She said it is such a touching story that she cried nearly all the way through the last scenes and she couldn’t wait to see it again. The story is very romantic, one of the classic plots it concerns a pair of star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. The plot follows in the tradition of Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly and whilst the music is more modern than his masterpiece it is just as emotive and affecting.  It tells the tragic tale of a doomed romance involving an Asian woman abandoned by her American lover. The setting is relocated to 1970s Saigon. Macintosh himself says the production and design approach is much grittier and more realistic than the original. I’m hoping for helicopters on stage myself 🙂

There are so many statistics about Miss Saigon and it broke all sorts of box office records, becoming a London institution for several years. I have no idea whether it will be able to repeat that level of success but I am sure it will be a great choice for theatre breaks.

Miss Saigon – one of a crop of grown up musicals

I love the fact that there are a really strong crop of ‘grown-up’ musicals on in the West End in 2014, with something for every taste. Of course people who love Miss Saigon might also want to consider seeing the new Tim Rice show From Here to Eternity. Superficially they might seem similar but although the basic stories of both derive from Madame Butterfly (which itself comes from an obscure French novel of the 1870s Madame Crysantheme) the sub plots, music and settings mean they are really quite different. Personally, I want to see them both and with theatre breaks by coach being very reasonably priced at the moment I might just manage it!

A quick weekend trip in the spring and another one in the autumn sounds perfect. As you have some spare time in the capital you can also fit in a bit of sight-seeing, shopping, or meet up with friends or family. I’ll probably do the latter as it’s so easy to find somewhere nice to meet up for brunch on a Sunday morning in London. My favourite place tends to be Columbia Rd Flower Market, lovely to mooch round, nice places for a brunch and not too far to get back to the coach pick-up point.

So there we are, I’m planning my next  theatre break as the winter gales howl round our house here in the wilds. It’s our 10th anniversary next year and I can’t think of anything more romantic than a trip to London to see Miss Saigon, maybe a river trip too as that’s one of my favourite things to do in London, and then meet up with family on the Sunday morning before we go back home.  I’m sure there will be room for a few plants on the coach….!

If you have read this far here is your reward! 10 minutes of the show from a 2009 production – enjoy! (Songs include: 1.The Heat is On in Saigon 2.The Wedding  3.Last Night of the World 4. This is the Hour 5.American Dream)


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