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A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line – now booking for London theatre breaks

A Chorus Line is already proving popular with people booking theatre breaks, even though it is still currently in preview. The show is now booking right through till January 2014 and looks set for a nice long run at The Palladium. A Chorus LineĀ  has its press night on February the 19th but it is already catching lots of public interest.

The Cast

  • John Partridge as Zach,
  • Scarlett Strallen as Cassie,
  • Leigh Zimmerman as Sheila
  • Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as Diana.

The story of A Chorus Line

The show tells the stories of a number of Broadway dancers auditioning for spots on a chorus line. It is a real ensemble piece with 17 main characters. Set on the bare stage of a Broadway theatre, we see each of the characters in turn go through their audition pieces and we also learn about their lives and careers. We also meet the director Zack and his choreographer Larry. I’m not going to go further into the story in case I spoil it for you.

It is a much better story than the 1985 film might have led you to believe and I think it will be quite powerful to see actually on stage. The story is based on a sort of reality. It came out of several taped workshop sessions in the mid 1970s with Broadway dancers, including eight who eventually appeared in the original cast. This gives it quite an authentic flavour as a glimpse into the lives and motivations of people we never normally notice as individuals in a show, the chorus. Kelly Bishop, the original Sheila said:

“It’s about veteran dancers looking for one last job before it’s too late for them to dance anymore.”

The Palladium Production

The production caused quite a buzz in London by holding open auditions for the minor roles. Dancers, and want-to-be-dancers queued round the block in hopes of a chance to be seen. This really set the tone for the show with a real life demonstration of the drive to be in musical theatre some people feel. It had a brief run in Glasgow before starting previews in London on the 2nd February.

A Chorus Line Theatre BreaksĀ 

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