Booking a theatre break in January

Book a theatre break to give yourself an affordable treat!

Booking a theatre break in January might seem a bit rash but it could be just what you need. After the hubub of the holidays there’s always a bit of a flat feeling in January. Just watching the TV you can see what many of us do in this quiet time after all the excesses. We plan ourselves a nice treat! All the holiday adverts looks so enticing but so expensive. I’m not ready yet to think about splashing out for a summer holiday what I need is a little affordable luxury. That is exactly what booking a theatre break in London offers, the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom of January.

I Want It Now!

Viva Forever!

Viva Forever!

Now you might be the spontaneous sort who thinks of this and immediately goes off to look for the first available date. You’ll book your break and be off before the end of the month. If this is you then you’ll want a lively show, something to really get the blood pulsing and sweep away the January cobwebs. Can I recommend something like Viva Forever (sing it with me: “zigazig ah!”). It’s full of Spice Girls songs cleverly re-worked into an interesting plot and the humour comes courtesy of Jennifer Saunders.The critics were unconvinced but then were they ever going to like something that involved the Spice Girls? Ignore them and enjoy!

If you are slightly older school, how about Jersey Boys? Lots of sing along songs and a cast of charming young men – perfect for January cheer-ups!

I Am Happy to Wait a Few Weeks

Valentines Day

Maybe though, you are more romantically inclined. Dare I say it? Valentines Day is not so far away. What could be more romantic or earn you more brownie points than a theatre break in London. There are two ways to approach this.

Booking a theatre break

Booking a theatre break using the wizard

1. Book a break for Valentine’s Weekend – that is the 15/16th of February this year (2013). This shows that you are dynamic and seize the day. Great for making a good impression but a bit of a whirlwind. The slight problem with this can be that eating out that weekend is very hit and miss. Lots of places have ‘special’ (translates as ‘expensive and not as good as usual’!) menus on that week and are heavily booked. If you are going to do it you’ll need to act fast. The most romantic shows sell out that weekend, so quick – go check our Readers Offers! and use the handy wizard to find out what you can book from your location for that weekend.
2. Book a show for sometime after The Day and give a gorgeous card. Next get a fancy gift box and make it as sparkly as possible. Glitter may well be involved but think romantic sophistication not play group! Into the box you put all sorts of little clues as to what you might be doing and a card with the date of the theatre break, saying what time to be ready. So if I was doing it my box would contain: a little model London black cab or maybe a Routemaster bus, a tiny copy of the London A-Z, a card that says “Pack for two nights away” and a clue that relates to the show you are seeing, maybe a little top hat ornament or perhaps an umbrella? Then add some heart shaped chocolates and something that smells nice too (always a welcome addition!) Heart shaped confetti is a nice touch too. Result!

Perfect shows for Valentines include Top Hat, Singin’ in the Rain, and the wild card, We Will Rock You (trust me on this one, it has a tender love story at it’s heart and blokes love it! What could be better?)

Spring Theatre Breaks

If you are not in such a hurry and can be a bit more flexible about your dates then maybe look for something in March or April. London can be lovely in the spring and you get the best dates, prices and seats by booking early. Travel is a bit less daunting once the better weather has arrived, especially if you are doing self drive.

As for shows there is a huge choice in the West End this spring with shows to suit every taste. You can go for a tried and tested favourite like Les Miserables, (bound to book up fast on the back of the film so booking well in advance is a good idea!) or try something totally new.

If you are like me the anticipation of knowing that you’ve got a lovely treat, booked and paid for, on the horizon will help you get through those gloomy days of January and February. We all need these little treats to keep us going but in these days of austerity they have to be affordable. Luckily, theatre breaks in London still come into that category, unlike some of those tempting TV ads!

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