Viva Forever Preview

Viva Forever Preview

Viva Forever Preview

Last night’s Viva Forever preview was the first of several before the official opening night on December 11th. Like most West End musicals the show will play to a paying audience for a short time before the official opening. During this time press and others are welcome to visit the show but are not supposed to review it. This is because the production can change quite a lot during the period of the previews. Songs can be added, or cut, based on audience reactions. Little bits of dialogue and sometimes even whole scenes can be reworked because they didn’t quite work in front of a live audience. Maybe people laugh in the wrong places, or don’t laugh when you’d hoped they would. During this process of refinement performances change and develop too as the actors and actresses bed themselves into their roles in a way that you just can’t in a rehearsal space.

During the preview period it costs a little less to see the show but you have to be aware that there may be rough edges. Sometimes  timings can be out and shows run late, sometimes theatrical equipment causes problems. It is all part of the experience of live theatre.1A lot of people would worry about that sort of thing happening during a special theatre break so theatre breaks to previews are a bit unusual.

Viva Forever Previews – a good time to book theatre breaks

If you are not worried by reviews then the previews can be an excellent time to book a theatre break to see a show like Viva Forever! Once the press night has happened2 then the critics reviews will start to appear and the show will either be loved, hated, or get a mixed reaction. If it is loved then theatre breaks will be snapped up really quickly. If it has mixed reviews or is panned then it all depends on how much the production team believe in the show. Many shows have gone on  to be commercial hits without good reviews. There is bound to be a lot of interest in Viva Forever! just because of the size of the Spice Girls fan base. Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten there will also be ‘The Spice Girls Story: Viva Forever’ a documentary on in early December on ITV1.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Viva Forever! a little bird3 says everyone enjoyed last night very much. I think the show might be every bit as good as Mamma Mia and we’ll all be singing  those Spice Girls hits again soon.

There are lots of options available for Viva Forever! theatre breaks in our Readers Offers section. Most of them are for dates from early January with just a few left for December. Click here to look for yourself and see if anything takes your fancy.

  1. By the way none of this seems to have happened to Viva Forever! last night and a good time seems to have been had by all ! []
  2. Viva Forever! is having theirs on 11/12/12 []
  3. it might just be called twitter! []
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