Best Christmas Present for Parents

Best Christmas Present forParents

Best Christmas Present for Parents

Best Christmas present for parents? A show and hotel break in London! No contest. What could be a better  Christmas present for your Mum and Dad than a coach trip down to London, matinee tickets for a top show, time for a bit of sight seeing or shopping and a nice hotel with a dinner/dance?

Let’s face it, they don’t need more stuff. They probably have more stuff than they know what to do with already. As you get a little older it is the things you do that you tend to value rather than the things you have, experiences and memories matter more. So put that crystal vase back (just because she’s got 6 already, doesn’t mean she wants another one!) and think about giving something they’ll still be talking about come the summer. Your gift won’t become a white elephant, or something that needs dusting daily. It will give something far more lasting and precious, great memories.

How to Choose the Best Christmas Present for Parents

It is not always obvious how to choose the best Christmas present for parents, once you have decided you are going to get them a theatre break there are a few, fun, simple questions to answer that might help. Click the little blue number for a show suggestion:

1. In which decade was your Mum 19?

a. 1960s1  b. 1970s2 c.1980s3 d. 1990s4

2. Do they watch Strictly?

a Yes5         b No6              c. What?7

3. Are they from Yorkshire?

a.Yes 8     b.No9               c. Not a chance!10

OK so now you’ve narrowed down the show, time to decide when they’d like to go and how much you can afford to spend.

Best Christmas Present for Parents - to see a show

Best Christmas Present for Parents – to see a show

If Christmas was at their house a quick 2 day London theatre break in January might be just the thing to pick them up after having you lovely lot, and the beloved grandchildren for a couple of days.It won’t break the bank, especially if you choose a coach trip. On the other hand if you think the weather might be a bit rough in January why not look a bit further ahead?

If you live up in the north then a February break might be a good choice. London can be quite mild by February and a bit of sunshine might be appreciated. Again 2 days will be fine. Choose the coach trip rather than rail to save a little money and because it keeps them off the tube!

Once you get into March and April then adding fun things like visiting say, Kew Gardens or a river boat trip turns a mini-break into a real holiday. A 3 day trip with a dinner/dance will give them plenty of scope. Again I’d go for the coach. The 3 day trip is a little bit more expensive but still really good value.

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  1. Jersey Boys []
  2. The Bodyguard []
  3. Mamma Mia []
  4. Really? Wow I’m old! Viva Forever! []
  5. Top Hat []
  6. Les Miserables []
  7. We Will Rock You []
  8. Billy Elliot []
  9. Phantom of the Opera []
  10. Sorry, obviously you are a fellow Lancastrian! Try anything other than Billy Elliot! []
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