Ghost and Caissie Levy

Ghost The Musical started previews in London this week at the Piccadilly Theatre with Caissie Levy as the leading lady.

Ghost the Musical London

Caissie Levy stars in Ghost the Musical

Ghost has been a great hit with the Manchester audience during its pre-West end run and one of the firm favourites of everyone who has seen it is Caissie Levy. Caissie plays Molly Gordon, the female lead of the show. Caissie is a Canadian with a gorgeous voice and good acting skills. She needs them both during Ghost. This is a very demanding role as Molly’s character goes through an amazing range of emotions as the show progresses.

We saw Caissie on the West End stage last year in the visiting Broadway production of Hair. Although Hair is a very much an ensemble piece I felt when I watched it that Cassie’s performance really stood out. She played the idealistic Shelia with real conviction and her voice rang out in songs like Good Morning Starshine. I think this bodes very well for her performance as Molly.

Caissie’s other most famous role is probably as Elphaba in Wicked in the Broadway production.¬† In recent interviews she has drawn parallels between Ghost and Wicked. She felt that the range both of vocal skills and acting required of Molly and Elphaba were rather similar. When asked she agreed it was possible that, like Wicked, critics would not like Ghost and it might be a show that would appeal more to audiences. This wasn’t true of the Manchester critics who gave the show¬† great reviews but London can be harder to convince.

Caissie has a gorgeous voice and I thought you might enjoy a sample:



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  1. Ghost the Musical London says:

    I went to see it with my boyfriend and I paid about 25 pounds, We were seating almost centre, a bit to the left, and could see perfectly;) Ghost the Musical I loved it, Im planning to see Yes Prime Minister Ive heard its hilarious!

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